Introducing North Carolina Community Garden Partners

Our mission

To increase the quantity, quality, and sustainability of community gardens across North Carolina

Our vision

A North Carolina where everyone can find a place to garden, in a network of thriving community gardens from the Mountains to the Piedmont to the Outer Banks.

Our goals

• Expand community gardening opportunities

• Help strengthen existing gardens

• Help create successful and sustainable new gardens

• Encourage public and private support

• Strengthen public policy

• Connect North Carolina’s gardeners with volunteers, resources, and with one another

• Spread the word about best practices, based on research and real-world experience

• Offer a clearing house for community garden information

• Share compelling stories from community gardens across North Carolina

• Cultivate a dynamic statewide network of grassroots community garden leaders working together to advance NCCGP’s mission

Our values

Access to healthy food. All people should have access to enough healthful, affordable, and culturally appropriate food to nourish them and their families.

Inclusivity. We aim to be inclusive of all people across North Carolina who have a stake in community gardens. In diversity we find strength and creativity.

Community assets. We believe communities and neighborhoods have the people, skills, and resources to establish gardens for themselves that represent the character and distinctiveness of their community, and that in turn community gardens can become important resources to their communities.

Sustainability. Growing food is best done in a manner that is environmentally-friendly and that respects and supports natural ecological processes.

Our history

Founded in 2008, NCCGP grew from statewide discussions about how to move community gardening forward across North Carolina. We became an independent non-profit in 2012, following our first statewide conference. Since our inception, NCCGP has cultivated a network of gardeners and supporters who share support, information, and experience with new gardens and with each other. Through our GROW (Gardeners Recreating Our World) Program, we’ve brought training in best practices to community gardens in all regions of our state. Our statewide meetings have brought together gardeners from across North Carolina and the Southeast for learning and networking.

Links to learn more about us

NCCGP Action Plan

NCCGP bylaws

Projects and Programs

2014 Community Garden Lunch ‘n Learn Webinar Series

Over 150 participants joined us throughout a series of five 45 minute webinars to learn about topics important to community gardeners and to learn from community garden projects in North Carolina that are accomplishing great things!

NCCGP Annual Events and Membership Meetings

GROW 2014-2015

header photos

GROW 2015-2016

Gardeners Recreating Our World (GROW)

NCCGP was awarded another $8,000 grant from Burt’s Bees Greater Good Foundation and a $10,000 grant from Resourceful Communities Creating New Economies Fund for 2015-2016! Read more here .

GROW 2016-2017

Community gardeners dig GROW workshops!
Community gardeners dig GROW workshops!

Our Partners

Leadership Committees

Please contact us if you’d like to join a committee!

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