Nomination Committee

The Nominations Committee is charged with nominating candidates for Board of Directors positions on a yearly basis.

At the first quarterly meeting of the Board, a current Director who is not up for election will be nominated by the Board to organize the Nominations Committee for the year.

That person will recruit members to serve on the Committee. Collectively, the group will select a Nominations Committee Chair. The Nominations Committee consists of at least three Members—one will be a Board Member and at least two will be from the NCCGP general membership. The Committee Members, no one of whom shall be a Member of the Executive Committee, will serve a term of one year and can serve no more than two consecutive terms.

Duties of the Committee
The Nominations Committee has the following functions:
●  Maintain responsibility for tracking Board Member terms and open seats,
●  Propose policy for the Board representation and selection,
●  Solicit nominations for open Board seats and/or nominate candidates,
●  Annually, prepare a slate of Board candidates and present it 2 weeks prior to the Annual
Membership Meeting for the perusal of the Members
●  Organize and administer the annual election,
●  Present the ballot to voting Members at least 2 weeks prior to the voting deadline through special
mailing, email, electronically or by another means determined by the Committee, and
●  Announce elected candidates by December 31

Nominations Committee also assists with Board member orientation and training.

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