NCCGP's meetings – How we work together

NCCGP works via consensus, with plenty of discussion and collaboration.

NCCGP’s goal is to hold an annual general membership meeting once a year, in conjunction with our annual all-state gathering and workshop. Additional general meetings are also possible throughout the year, as are regional breakout sessions. Our last general meeting took place in Greenville, NC, at our conference on April 23, 2016.

We make a real effort to hold our face-to-face meetings and our annual gathering in different regions of the state, from the Coastal Plain to the Piedmont to the Mountains, and in our state’s different major metropolitan areas. We also take full advantage of web and phone-based meeting options.

NCCGP’s volunteer Board of Directors holds an annual retreat in the winter months, and then meets via phone, computer or in person throughout the year as needed, with the goal of at least one meeting quarterly.

NCCGP committees meet at the Board retreat, then as needed via phone, computer or in person.

Meetings are open to the general public. We especially encourage all NCCGP members to attend. The Board respectfully requests that anyone wishing to attend a meeting contact the Board Chair or a member of the Board of Directors at least one week prior to the meeting date. That helps us organize logistics and food, and helps ensure we set time to fairly address any suggestions, initiatives or concerns in the meeting agenda.

After minutes of all meetings are approved by the Board, we post them to our meetings archives.

Leadership Committees

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