Veterans Healing Farm

Our mission is to create thriving micro-communities of veterans and civilians who build deep friendships, implement innovative gardening techniques, and foster physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

Founded by a Veteran himself, the whole idea was born out of a deep desire for community in an environment where both kids and adults will want to come back to.

Located in the beautiful Mountains of Western North Carolina, we currently operate on privately owned land graciously leased to us at no charge.

We have twenty-seven 50 foot raised rows of produce, a corn field, blackberry trellis, soybean plot, orchard and hops yard.

There is a strong sense of community in the military, which is accomplished when young men and women are put together and forced to trust and rely on complete strangers to accomplish a goal. These relationships are fast forming under intense pressure. This is a drastic difference compared to civilian life where it is easy to feel isolated and relationships evolve at a different pace.

Transitioning from military life back to civilian life is a challenge that all veterans face. Unfortunately, few are provided the adequate tools and resources to meet this challenge. This results in an alarmingly high number of cases of depression, substance abuse, and suicide.

Veterans Healing Farm exists to aid in the transition from military to civilian life. We believe that connectedness and community are vitally important to overall health and wellness. We invite veterans to participate with us, thus extending friendship and inviting them into our community. We provide meaningful activity through our garden work, which is done in a peaceful and safe atmosphere. We encourage healthy habits like eating well and physical activity. Finally, we cultivate self-empowerment, which is achieved when one realizes that they are an important part of the community and others trust and depend on their contributions.

We currently operate on privately owned land which is leased to our non-profit. Our garden consists of wide, raised rows, a cornfield, asparagus bed, blackberry trellis, orchard, 7 hugelkultur beds, and hops yard.

All members pay to join (veterans receive a 50% discount). Additionally, they help maintain the garden and harvest their share of produce from June to December. Our membership fee is half the cost of the typical market value for a full CSA share in our area.

Community building is very important to us. Members bring meat to grill and we make tasty and creative dishes with the produce from our garden. There is a large field in which children can fly kites, kick balls, throw Frisbees, and play tag. The fire pit is a place to gather, relax, and talk.

On the other side of the field is a creek where we meet to pray and is a place for solitude and rest, and cooling off on a hot summer day. Our goal is to create an inviting, safe, and peaceful atmosphere where people love to gather. A place where friendships are formed, burdens are shared, and healing takes place.

Garden Information





Participant Count:

More than 50


Cooperative/Communal Garden

Plot Count:


Type:Other Size:

1 - 5 acres

Primary Production:


Secondary Production:

Fruits, Herbs



Primary Audience:

Veterans and civilians seeking garden activity and affordable local produce.

Primarily Served:


Funding Source:

Member fee for 2015 $200 and Various Grants

Affiliated Organization

Type Name Website Phone Email
University EBV at Florida State University View site - -
University EBV-F at Syracuse University View site - -

Contact Information

Land Ownership:

Private Land

Garden Contact:

Nicole Mahshie
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Garden Location:

19 Mahshie Lane, Hendersonville, NC 28739, USA

Mailing Address:

Veterans Healing Farm
19 Mahshie Lane
Hendersonville, nc 28739