Farms and Gardens Build Urban Value booklet

OPEN FOOD booklet series Volume 1: Farms and Gardens Build Urban Value

“We want this booklet to inspire city officials, non-profits, developers, investors, and other urban influencers to add community gardens, urban farms, and all sorts of food growing spaces into our cities. Farms and gardens can be social public spaces, public health assets, crime prevention projects, municipal cost savers, air purifiers, recreation areas, and job training centers.”— OPEN FOOD vol 1

This booklet series promotes participation in local and urban food systems. The booklets are small, easy to carry and easy to share, and are meant as a way to start conversations and spark ideas. Each booklet in the series introduces a different slice of local food, opening eyes to the importance and possibility of becoming a part of your food system. We talk about why local and urban food is so important, why different parts of it matter to your community, and then we point you in the direction of more information so you can dig in as deep as you want to go.

Booklet Series published by Community Food Lab LLC.