Hart Seed Donation

Our goal is to distribute these seeds to deserving organizations or individuals for just the cost of shipping & handling.

If you are one of the following:
• Missionary interested in taking seed overseas
• Teacher looking for seed for a classroom project or school garden.
• Cooperative extension service, community garden, or prison yard
wanting to grow produce for low-­‐income areas or food pantries.

All we ask of you is to send us a brief letter to describe your project including:
• Who is receiving the seed or produce grown from it
• What you are planning on doing with the seed
• Where you are taking the seed, or where the seed or produce grown from it will be distributed
• Why this is a worthy cause for us to donate seed to
• How the people receiving the seed will benefit, not just from the immediate donation, but how it will help them improve standard of living in the future

This listing is from 2013. In future years, check with Hart Seed to make sure the seed donation program is still operating.