Healthy Eating Active Living Guide: Project Overviews and Resources for Community Organizations

Throughout this guide, you will find numerous resources that community organizers and leaders have used to advance healthy eating and/or active living initiatives. Successful community projects depend on many resources — volunteers, funding, donations, training and more. This guide includes only some resources available to support community projects; it is not a comprehensive collection. Resource information is marked with icons.

The guide includes overviews of five innovative projects in Eastern North Carolina that are changing the way people eat and play in rural communities. Overviews include information on the organization, project and community as well as lessons learned and partnerships resulting from the projects. You’ll find a glossary on page 44 to help you better understand healthy eating, active living efforts described in this guide.


The Conservation Fund’s Resourceful Communities’ Healthy Eating Active Living Intern, Madison Swoy, compiled this guide. Her many hours researching and writing were generously supported by the APEX Fellowship, which is administered by The College of Wooster.