Rebel Tomato (ACGA) was created in 2007 by the American Community Gardening Association with funding from the United States Department of Agriculture community food projects grants.

This site was created as a resource for people involved in youth gardening - garden leaders, educators, teachers and, most of all, youth themselves. The site is designed to serve as a one-stop-shop for useful, interesting information about youth gardening, and features several interactive components that are designed to get people exited and talking about gardening.

Seeds: Getting inspired, motivated, and dedicated.  Benefits of community gardening, examples of community gardens and more.
Roots: Practical tools to help plan for the creation of a garden.  Budgets, planning and more.
Shoots: Getting into the details of garden creation.  Choosing plants, doing garden design projects and more.
Fruits: Enjoying and learning from the garden.  Learning about food, nutrition, and science.
Harvest: Continuing to build and benefit from the garden.  Tips about fundraising, evaluation and sustaining the garden.