SR-AHEC Farmacy

SR-AHEC Farmacy

A small garden bed and some containers show patients how they can grow their own food at home.

Dig In! Yancey Community Garden

Dig In! Yancey Community Garden

Our mission is to maintain a volunteer-operated community garden that provides fresh produce to local food relief agencies.

Alliance Medical Ministry Community Garden

Alliance Medical Ministry Community Garden

The community garden benefits both Alliance patients and community partners who support the garden, it is a productive use of land and a vis

North Carolina Community Garden Partners

NCCGP is a volunteer-based grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the quantity, quality and sustainability of community gardens across North Carolina.

GROW in Columbus NC Oct 22

NCCGP’s new series of GROW (Gardeners Recreating Our World) workshops kicks off on Saturday, October 22, in Columbus, North Carolina. To learn more, see the schedule and speakers, and check out handouts, click here.

• What are community gardens?

NCCGP takes an inclusive view. For us, a community garden is any piece of land gardened by a group of people. Gardens come in all sizes and shapes, and are filled with a glorious diversity of crops and gardeners both. Community gardens are the new village green, creating healthier communities by increasing community involvement and interaction between neighbors, providing fresh fruits and vegetables, and increasing opportunities for physical activity. Gardens can save people money, increase green space in urban areas, serve as unique hands-on educational centers, and much more. In their simple, grassroots way, they are making a growing contribution to the local food movement, to food security, and to food justice.

• We are currently updating and reorganizing our website. Please forgive any glitches or oddities.

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Oct 22

NC Community Garden Partners Event

GROW Columbus - Workshop for Community Gardeners


Location: The Meeting Place: 75 Carmel Lane, Columbus, NC, 28722

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