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Our Mission

To create connections and provide resources that empower and inspire people to support gardens that grow food, build community, and cultivate justice

Our Vision

A North Carolina where thriving community gardens and

healthy food is accessible to all

Our Values

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Access to healthy food
All people should have access to enough nutritious, affordable, and culturally relevant food to nourish themselves and their families.

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We aim to be inclusive of all people across North Carolina who have a stake in community gardens. In diversity, we find strength, creativity, and equality.

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We believe that growing practices are better when they respect and support the environmental processes that make growing food possible.

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Community Assets

We believe communities and neighborhoods have the people, skills, and resources to establish gardens for themselves that represent the character and distinctiveness of their community, and that in turn, community gardens can become important resources to their communities.

Our Goals

​Expand community gardening opportunities

Connect North Carolina’s gardeners with volunteers, resources, and with one another


Spread the word about best practices, based on research and real-world experience

Offer a clearinghouse for community garden information

Share compelling stories from community gardens across North Carolina

Help strengthen existing gardens

Help create successful and sustainable new gardens

Encourage public and private support

Strengthen public policy

Cultivate a dynamic statewide network of grassroots community garden leaders

working together to advance NCCGP’s mission

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