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Community Garden

Organizing & Managing the Garden

Resources to help you stay on track!

Community Gardening

Publisher/ Author:  Vermont Community Garden Network

Garden organizing and leadership go hand-in-hand; as a garden leader you are at once a decision-maker, a garden manager, a community organizer, and much more. But don’t let that overwhelm you, there’s no need to do it all yourself.  Follow the curated links for resources to help guide and inspire you and your team of garden leaders.

Botanical Garden

Publisher/ Author: ChangeLab Solutions

Community gardens play a valuable role in creating healthier communities. This fact sheet explains how model policies from ChangeLab Solutions can help advocates work with local governments to create and sustain these important neighborhood resources.

Urban Gardening

Publisher/ Author: Urban farmers and gardeners in collaboration with Design Trust for Public Space and Farming Concrete

The Farming Concrete Toolkit is a way to help measure all of the good things growing in your farm, garden, or yard, from hot peppers to happiness. Urban farmers and gardeners contribute every day to the social and environmental health of their communities. The Toolkit helps you track your output to showcase the benefits of your farm or garden, to improve and share your practice, and to raise awareness of your impact to funders and policymakers.

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