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Gardening Lesson

Start a Community-Based Garden

Resources to help you plan and get started!


Publisher/ Author: Keith Baldwin, Diane Beth, Lucy Bradley, Nilam Davé, Susan Jakes, Melissa Nelson

This 12-page planning and resource guide is written for anyone who is thinking about starting a community garden. The guide describes a community garden, its benefits, how to find or start a garden, and tips for growing, storing, preparing, and enjoying fruits and vegetables. In addition, it highlights state and national gardening resources.

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Cultivating Community Gardens: The Role of Local Governments

Publisher/ Author: The Local Government Commission

This brochure offers case studies, best management practices, resources, and tools for policymakers to develop creative, cost-effective solutions that reduce barriers and the creation of community garden programs. Local government leaders are in a unique position to promote healthy eating and active living in their communities by supporting community gardens. Barriers, such as liability expenses, code restrictions, and a lack of resources, often make it difficult for communities to establish or maintain gardens in their neighborhoods but can be overcome with local government engagement.


Publisher/ Author: NC State Extension

Looking for a practical guide to sustaining your community garden, or starting a new one? Organized into chapters covering all aspects of community gardening, from the all-important period of community organizing before you ever put a seed in the ground to dealing with fundraising and coalition building, this guide stands out for its emphasis on community gardening, the inclusion of chapters on garden design and garden-scale food production, and focus on North Carolina.

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gardening tools

Publisher/ Author: University of Missouri Extension

This guide is intended to be a resource for gardeners, garden organizers, Extension staff, and other agency professionals who want to start a new community garden, enhance an existing garden or help community members start and manage their own community garden.

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