A community garden guide from NCSU: Collard Greens and Common Ground

Looking for a practical guide to sustaining your community garden, or starting a new one? Want a well-written,user-friendly, down-to-earth handbook covering best practices and experience-based strategies? NC Cooperative Extension’s guide, Collard Greens and Common Ground: A North Carolina Food Gardening Handbook is just what you’re looking for. Organized into chapters covering all aspects of community gardening, from the all-important period of community organizing before you ever put a seed in the ground to dealing with fundraising and coalition building. This guide stands out for its emphasis on community gardening, inclusion of chapters on garden design and garden-scale food production, and focus on North Carolina. Highly recommended. This download includes the first 31 pages of the 76 page guide - be sure to download the other three sections from this website, or visit NC Cooperative Extension to download the entire PDF for free or order a print copy for $10.